Online Catering Order

1. Click this link --
2. You will see a popup asking you to select pickup or delivery.  Select pickup.
3. There is one location which is our catering location.  Just click the button labeled "Update Changes" which will close the popup.
4. Select your pickup date and time. Note there is a 2 day lead time for catering orders.

5. Then select your pick up location. Click Carroll Gardens. You will need to add to your shopping cart. This selects your actual pickup location.

6. You can select any of the four available 25 cookies bundles. Click to add to the shopping cart and make sure to select the option for individually wrapped cookies. Note that there is an additional charge.
7. If you would like a custom order then scroll to the very bottom of the page for Custom Bundles to choose your cookies. There are 7 available cookie flavors that are sold in bundles of 5 cookies.  
8. Select a cookie flavor and add a bundle.  Make sure to select the option for individually wrap. Again there is an additional charge per bundle of 5. 
9. When you're done click Checkout and enter payment information.

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